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About us

We offer music tracks that we have produced for amateur musicians and singers.


We split up a full track into multiple elements allowing you to choose the part that you have an interest in.

The major controllable parts include > vocals, drum, bass, guitar, other, BPM, rhythm and the full master track.

The player also includes visual cues including guide lyrics and guide chords that support any learning or playing experience through our media player. 

Our media player

Our Just Backing media player is unique in a number of ways.

(1) Our media player integrates directly with our website and is ready to play STEM multitracks, master cover tracks or rhythm tracks directly. 

(2) We have an internal playlist area for each user to manage your media. 

(3)  BPM and guide chords that can be turned on or off depending on your requirements in real time. 


A STEM file is a multi-channel audio file that contains a track split into four musical elements – bass, drums, vocals, and melody for example. With each element available independently, you can mix in ways that just weren’t possible until now. STEMs is a new format for music that redefines creative performance. In our case we use more than 4 STEM tracks. Our full STEM media player includes up to 8 tracks to complete our track as we include a master, rhythm, drums, bass, lead, other, vocal and BPM all operating in sync.


A master track is the final version of a song that is ready to play or distribute as a single file. In our case we use the master track as the full backing track to include all the music parts ( a karaoke track version ) and keep the vocal as a separate item that can be toggled on or off on demand.


A rhythm track generates a sequence of regular pulses at the selected tempo.  It can thus be used like a metronome for setting a steady beat.  


For our rhythm tracks, we add in or remove as much of the master track music as possible to leave a music track that sounds similar to the original without removing too much to render the track unknowable by ear,  while allowing room for players and singers to join in.


There are many options to process a fixed rhythm track and while ours might not suit everyone, hopefully fit in the nice sweet spot of suitable for your purposes.


While there are many ways to play chords and many skill levels of players, it's an impossible task to offer the exact chords to every track.  For this reason we choose the term guides. Our guide chords are an interpretation of how to play along with a track and should sound correct if playing alongside a STEM track or rhythm track. It should also prove to be an acceptable version if playing a solo version. Our guides are by no means the accurate original artists version, but hopefully suitable for a player to hold his/her own across a song. We will in the future include a way for users to change or edit guide chords under a personal profile account that may be more suitable to your levels of music.

Streaming & Caching

Currently this webpage downloads media and data when a track is called for. All the components of each track and effectively cache to your browser.  Like all other direct streaming platforms, your data service or data allowance will be used. We can't manage your data allowance, speed or data throughput, browser type or the specification of your phone, tablet or PC.  We will be offering a media player option in the future, that will mean all tracks can be played offline when downloaded once. Watch this space! 

Our story

Every website has a story, and this one is simple. Over my years of playing an acoustic guitar “very much an amateur” I found myself spending more time searching online for chords, lyrics and backing tracks that suited a softer acoustic tone then playing the actual guitar itself. Too much searching, not enough time playing. 

Solution… make my own collection of ready to go tracks and guides. Starting off with the rhythm backing track and some guides, and bring them together in a ready to go solution. 

Having come that far, it was time to get these online in the hope that these might suit other amateur players  on their music journey, hence “Just Backing”.

I then extended this to include a multitrack version "STEMs"  and while it added a lot more complexity I think it was worth it, as now you can make your own mix version of a track to suit your playing needs!



Separate vocal option


BPM click tracks

Guide chords

Stem track volume control

Multitrack control

Meet the media player

Choose artist

Artist list.jpg

Pick the artist, and see what tracks are available.

Open player

Player type.jpg

The player itself is the website.

Guide chords and set-up 

Guides type.jpg

Guide chords, capo position, tuning and timing available to suit.

Choose track

Track List.jpg

Go direct to a song track and add to your personal playlist.

Choose player type

Control Type.jpg

Master, rhythm or the mix track.

Verse handling options 

Verse type.jpg

Let the player change the verse as the track time moves on.


How to

Sign up, Sign in
Choose our Free Welcome Plan and you're ready to go!

Under your members profile, you can add tracks to your personal playlist.

The player

This is not a standard media player. It's not intended just to flip through music or set up any playlist of favorites. The Just Backing media player is intended for a player / singer  to pick a number of select tracks and put in the time to learn these tracks / songs in full, and when the mood hits you, hit the Quick Play Rhythm button.

The media

We don't have thousands of tracks available, as each track needs to be put together manually. New tracks will be added weekly, and yes you can request a track that you would want to see available. (Request a track)

Our next steps
While we have an off-line player app available, it has not been released just yet, but keep an eye on this update!
We are working on a function for musicians to upload your own STEM tracks. (for either private personal use or to share to the Just Backing community) 
We will be adding in some functions that allow you to change or update the chords to suit your playing requirements.

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